Tears Of The Pen Project

 The first tears of the pen project was in may 25th 2018 to June 16th 2018.

We partnered with the Rae Project to run a three week workshop in Rae Girls Highschool and Migingo Girls Highschool.
We were running workshops for 3 disciplines I.e Poetry, music and Dance.
Qui’s role was to run Poetry Workshops and see to it that the 3 disciplines could eventually be combined into one piece.

Form Ni Gani Campaign

The movement is driven by creatives who magnify the voices of young Kenyans to make the existing support for family planning visible to decision makers. They seek to amplify the Health Act, Section 6(1)(a) which guarantees all Kenyan adults access to reproductive health services, including safe, effective, affordable and acceptable family planning services.

Qui was among the young voices championing the ‘Form Ni Gani’ discourse by freely interacting and talking about sexual and reproductive health care.

Pawa 254 Performance Poetry WorkShop

On the 24th of april Qui Qarre set out to facilitate a performance poetry workshop at Pawa 254, Nairobi engaging fellow poets and aspiring poets on all things performance poetry.

Women Of The Word

Qui Qarre has been privilage to work with Women of the Word (WOW) which is a performance poetry program that seeks to provide women identified writers and poets in Nairobi with an innovative avenue of self expression & advocacy for self and community. Their efforts lie at the intersection of women’s (self & community) empowerment, education and long term civic engagement through writing, performance and art based advocacy.

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